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At St Matthias we:

Aspire to build enthusiastic, passionate mathematicians who trust in themselves and can apply their knowledge and understanding to think mathematically, solve problems, enabling them to reason both within the school setting and within their ever changing world.

Believe we can enthuse a love for Mathematics that allows children to make a positive contribution to their own learning, making links between different areas of Mathematics and developing a positive attitude.

Achieve this through building a strong arithmetic core that is at the heart of every mathematics lesson. Providing adaptive and engaging lessons and working collaboratively within class to establish a deeper understanding to apply to reasoning and problem solving.



At St Matthias Primary School, our Maths curriculum is designed with a clear intent to develop a deep and comprehensive understanding of Mathematics amongst our students. We use White Rose to support our planning, adapting to the needs of our students. We believe that prior knowledge plays a crucial role in supporting the learning journey throughout school. To achieve this, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on retrieval practice, ensuring that students regularly revisit and reinforce their existing knowledge to build a solid foundation for new concepts.



To implement our Maths curriculum, we have developed a well-structured and cohesive set of lessons that are designed to provide students with ample opportunities to reinforce their prior knowledge and develop a strong arithmetic understanding. Our approach follows a concrete, pictorial, and abstract (CPA) method, which enables all learners to achieve more and meet the goals set by the national curriculum.

Within our lessons, we employ a range of teaching strategies and resources to promote engagement, collaboration, and independent thinking. Assessment is seamlessly integrated into the learning process, with regular formative assessments used as a tool for ongoing monitoring and feedback. We use high-level questioning techniques to challenge and support all children, fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.



The impact of our Maths curriculum at St Matthias Primary School is evident in the outcomes achieved by our students. By consistently revisiting and reinforcing prior knowledge, students develop confidence in their mathematical abilities, allowing them to independently answer reasoning and problem-solving questions. They are equipped with a strong arithmetic understanding that serves as a solid foundation for further learning in Mathematics.

Through our emphasis on varied fluency, students not only demonstrate proficiency in performing mathematical procedures, but also develop the reasoning skills necessary to apply their knowledge in different contexts. Our collaborative approach fosters a positive learning environment, where all students feel supported and capable of achieving their full potential.

Furthermore, our commitment to high-quality teaching and assessment as learning ensures that every child receives the individualised support they need to progress and thrive in Mathematics. By consistently focusing on top-quality teaching practices, we maintain a high standard of education that aligns with the requirements outlined in the national curriculum.

Ultimately, our Maths curriculum at St Matthias Primary School has a transformative impact on our students, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in Mathematics and apply their mathematical understanding in real-life situations.


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