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At St Matthias we:

Aspire to deliver an exciting and engaging history curriculum which will challenge our pupils to make sense of the similarities and differences in human experiences across time and place.

Believe our history curriculum will help children to understand their place in the world and in the long story of human development and thus support them in becoming respectful and empathetic citizens in our ever-changing world.

Achieve our goals through engaging lessons which aim to enrich our pupils lives by developing an understanding of historically significant events and people and giving them a clear ‘mental timeline’ of the past.


Our vision is to teach history through enquiry based learning which encourages critical thinking, enhances the ability to weigh evidence and generate debates, develop chronological understanding and allow pupils to develop their sense of perspective.

At St Matthias children will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore a range of periods, significant people and events throughout history
  • Experience history through workshops, visits and a range of resources
  • Present their work in creative and imaginative ways such as art or drama.
  • Grow in confidence to ask and answer their own historical questions.
  • Develop their critical skills of historical enquiry to enable pupils to be active, informed and responsible citizens.
  • Look at how history has shaped the world we live in today and how the lessons learnt can affect our decisions in the future.
  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of the past to fully appreciate themselves and contribute effectively to their society.

Curriculum Overview

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Significant Historical Events in our own locality

Significant Historical People from our locality – Edward Elgar and Charles Dyson Perrins

Stone Age to Iron Age

Ancient Egypt

Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Mayan Civilization

Toys Past and Present


Significant Individuals – Amelia Earhart and Mary Seacole

Leisure and Entertainment in the 20th Century

The Transatlantic Slave Trade and its Legacy in Britain

Local History of Malvern

Significant Turning Point in WW2

The Blitz

Intrepid Explorers


The Great Fire of London

Ancient Greece

The Romans


Children in Victorian Britain