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School Catering

At St.Matthias we believe healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are extremely important factors which contribute enormously to a child's ability to learn and retain information.


From September 2014 all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in state-funded schools in England receive free school meals. The government made this decision after a recommendation in the School Food Plan. So if your child is in Reception, Years 1 or 2 there will be no more paying for their school meals or worrying about what to put in their lunch box. All children in these age groups will receive a nutritious meal every lunch time. You just need to choose their meal by clicking on this link 

This is great news for children and families as the health benefits of giving our children a nutritious lunch every day are clear. We know that when children eat better they do better. A nutritious school lunch is a big step towards making sure children grow up fit and healthy and this will help them achieve their full potential at school.

The Government have estimated that through this move families will save both money (approximately £400+ a year) and time - without the cost of school meals or making expensive packed lunches.

Secondly, the two-course menu must meet the Government’s School Food Standards and so healthy meals and snacks such as low fat milk, fruit and vegetables will be available every day.

And last but not least it’s been shown when children eat a healthy, nutritious lunch their concentration and learning is better in the afternoon. It also has the added benefit of teaching children more about social interaction and encouraging them to try new and exciting foods.

For those parents who have children with specific food allergies, intolerances or cultural needs there might be some concern. However, don’t worry this initiative is for ALL children so simply contact us at school to make us aware of your child’s needs and we can discuss how your child can enjoy free school meals along with all their class mates or simply let Black Pepper know by email.


Children in Years 3-6 can either bring a packed lunch each day or choose a school hot meal at a cost of £2.53 per day or if you are entitled to Free School Meals then they are free (If you are not sure then click on the link below and complete the application form to find out).

Our caterers, Black Pepper, provide a broad range of quality meals and comply with the relevant standards of nutrition. The meals are prepared off-site and delivered to school in time for the lunch break. You are welcome to come in and try one, with prior arrangement with the school office.  I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

Menus and order forms are available from the school office or the link below and parents / carers are able to order the meals for their child, either online at  or by returning the form to the school office with the correct payment.

Applications for free meals are dealt with by the Local Authority.  Application forms can only be completed online by clicking on the link below. 

Please click this link to find out about the School Food Standards


Children in our Early Years Foundation Stage are offered a snack halfway through the morning.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are provided free by the school for children in Key Stage 1.

School Milk

Milk is free for children up to the age of 5. After this, milk is available for children at a cost of £18 per term from Cool Milk. Again this needs to be ordered online at

There are options to order milk for a term or the whole school year.

All children entitled to Free School Meals are also entitled to free milk throughout the year. However, this needs to be arranged separately through the school office. 

I regret that, should a child be absent during the week, no refund can be made, as milk will already have been purchased and we have no cool storage facilities to keep it longer than the day of delivery.


We want to make sure all our children have the best start to the day, so we offer our children from Nursery to Year 6 a piece of toast when they arrive in school in the morning. When children first enter the classroom, they can greet their friends eat their toast and gather together ready to start their learning.