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In English we:

  • aspire to expand our vocabulary through the use of high quality texts and daily learning whilst using the proofreading, editing and improving skills we have learnt.
  • believe that we can contribute in literary contexts through spoken and written word and by valuing the uniqueness of the ideas of others we open our minds to the world beyond our own experiences.
  • achieve our goals through engaging in lessons, making positive contributions, working collaboratively with our peers and experiencing pleasure for reading.

The English curriculum at St Matthias is driven by high-quality texts that will inspire our children to develop a love of reading. Clear sequences of learning in reading and writing give children the literacy skills they need for now and for their future. They are confident and fluent readers, who have a clear understanding of texts they read. They are able to speak articulately in different situations and with different people. They are inspired to write for a range of relevant purposes that develop their imagination and equip them with key writing skills. The curriculum is designed to ensure our children gain a good knowledge of vocabulary and the ability to attempt to understand new words in the context in which they are written.

Writing Intent

We believe that all pupils should be able to communicate their knowledge, ideas and emotions with confidence through their writing. They will acquire a broad vocabulary, a solid understanding of grammar and be able to spell new words accurately. They will write clearly and coherently, adapting their language and style for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences. We encourage our children to take pride in the presentation of their writing by developing a clear, joined handwriting style. We support our children to develop their editing skills, so that in KS2 they are able to independently identify areas for improvement in pieces of writing.


Reading Intent

Our children will be immersed in books from Early Years through to Year 6 to help them develop a passion for reading and to encourage them to use their imagination and creativity.  During Reception and Year 1, children follow our Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) programme, Essential Letters and Sounds. They learn to decode and read accurately, developing fluency, understanding and enjoyment.  In Years 2 - 6, we use a reading resource called Accelerated Reader which helps us to ensure that children are reading books that are at the right level for them and that they understand what they are reading. Our children continue to develop as fluent readers who are able to discuss what they read with enthusiasm and comprehension, recommending what they have read to others and enjoying the opportunity to choose and love books.

Through daily Whole Class Reading lessons, children are challenged to read and interpret a wide range of genres of text and explore them in depth.

Sharing Books, Class Novels – Teachers read to their classes daily, selecting from a range of high quality texts. Children listen to engaging stories with their teacher modelling how to read with fluency and expression, in turn, they learn to develop their own prosody and melody of speech.