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Our Vision



Our school family values us all as unique individuals and children of God. We aspire to be the best version of ourselves; believing that through the gifts God has given us, we can make a positive contribution, flourish and achieve together to make a difference in our ever-changing world.

Our Vision Statement



We are very proud to share with you above our reaffirmed Vision for St Matthias. Our school staff and governors joined together, during our first Teacher Education Day of the year (September 2021), to review the Vision for St Matthias, its pupils and community. It has been over 5 years since the vision has been revisited and due to developments over the past few years, we felt that it was the right time to ensure that it reflected us as a school today with the fantastic pupils and parents, committed staff and supportive governors.

The group discussion started with gathering ideas linked to ’Who we are,’ ’Why we are here,’ and ’How we should live our lives.’ Our new vision was created encompassing everything that we believe and want for our St Matthias community, ensuring that each and every one of us is able to flourish.


We wanted to keep ‘Aspire, Believe, Achieve’ as our main focus, however the meaning behind those words needed to reflect our school community as it is today. As a church school we not only have an Ofsted inspection but we have a SIAMs inspection too (The Statutory Inspection for Anglican and Methodist Schools). Both inspections look for a clear, ambitious vision providing high quality, inclusive education which reflects its local context. They look for a vision which reflects strong values, policy and practice, where EVERYONE (including children and parents) can articulate the distinctive vision. They look for a vision which drives every decision and action made within the school and for a church school it should be distinctively Christian.


We will share the vision regularly and will start all decision making with the vision at the heart.


We know that whoever visits us and whoever is part of St Matthias will agree that our vision reflects what we ’stand for’ and that as a school, everyone shares with us our passion to

Aspire, Believe and Achieve.’