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External Review

This week we had some important visitors at St Matthias to complete an external review of the progress that St Matthias is making, even through a pandemic.

Leaders in school and our governors often visit or have meetings to discuss the provision and quality of education we are providing for our pupils to ensure that the high expectations and quality of teaching and learning is at its best for your children. However, it is important to have this verified by external professionals and therefore external reviews which give us feedback to ensure that we are providing the very best for your children. They visited lessons in every year group, spoke to senior leaders and discussed our school priorities. We are always proud to show visitors around the school as our pupils are always on task and enjoying their learning. I must share with you that the review highlighted many strengths including strong pupil and staff relationships, pupil engagement and behaviour in lessons, a vibrant learning environment which enhances learning and is utilised by both staff and pupils to support learning and how the atmosphere around school is calm and purposeful with a clear focus on ‘Aspire, Believe and Achieve.’ They also noted how the school has worked hard to adapt the curriculum taking into consideration children’s development and learning in relation to the impact of the pandemic and this also included personal development and family support. They also supported us in the continued focus on spellings through our new resource ‘Spelling Shed,’ which many of your children use at home to complete spelling homework. They also noted our priority to improve pupil attendance and reduce lateness as low attendance and missing the start of the day impacts significantly on pupil progress. I hope you are as proud of our staff and pupils as I am in this positive external review.